The current pharmaceutical system is broken.

For more than 50 years, pharmaceuticals have been produced using a method known as batch manufacturing — a multi-step, lengthy process that involves the use of large scale equipment that is particularly labor intensive. For this reason, and many others, the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) is currently centered in countries like China and India, where labor costs are relatively low. To overcome these challenges, we need a modern approach to pharmaceutical manufacturing.


Domestic Production

All pharmaceutical products Phlow manufactures will be manufactured in the United States.

Continuous Manufacturing

Modern processes that maximize throughput, increases productivity, and lowers labor requirements.

Transparent Pricing

All prices of the medicines developed will be completely transparent.


Continuous processing is an alternative manufacturing method involving flow reactors that allow chemical reactions to run on a smaller scale over and over again until the entire volume of API is produced. This maximizes throughput, increases product quality and reproducibility, and has significantly lower labor requirements since most of these systems are highly automated.

This is primarily due to legacy capital investments in batch manufacturing at pharmaceutical manufacturing operations, as well as the regulatory barriers associated with implementing a new manufacturing platform. In particular, pharmaceutical companies have been unwilling to take the business and regulatory risk associated with transitioning to a different infrastructure and process. Phlow will take on these challenges and secure the nation’s supply of its most essential medicines.

Fewer drug shortages during
public health crisis

Less Reliance on imports from
foreign nations

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