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Essential Medicines Solutions

Why Isn’t There Enough Medicine?

This question is what led Phlow™ to become a trailblazing, public benefit corporation committed to ending shortages of essential medicines in our country. We started by understanding the challenges with the current essential medicines supply chain, including development, manufacturing, pricing, reimbursement and distribution. And now we are re-building critical infrastructure here at home while actively accelerating the advanced manufacturing of affordable, high-quality essential medicines at risk of shortage – including those for COVID-19 pandemic response.

Phlow™ creates active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and finished pharmaceutical products that are essential to the Nation’s health using state-of-the-art flow technology and other advanced manufacturing processes.

With the support of an industry-leading team, industry-leading partners, and established relationships at the policy, regulatory, and federal levels Phlow™ uses continuous R&D to improve the quality and yield and reduce the cost of pharmaceutical ingredients so that one day, we can end the shortage of essential medicines – for good.

Our Company Culture

At the heart of Phlow™ is our vision, mission, and shared values.
This is the belief set that drives us in everything we do.


Make the U.S. a country where every human being has access to the essential medicines necessary to sustain life and conquer disease.


To reliably supply affordable, high-quality, essential medicines through U.S.-based advanced manufacturing processes.

Our Shared Values

Phlow’s™ shared values reflect our commitment to serving patients, as well as colleagues, partners, communities, country, and humankind. Our public benefit essential medicines company is driven by these guiding principles:


Integrity is our defining characteristic as individuals and colleagues at Phlow. We strive to do the right thing and to be authentic and transparent in everything we do.


Collaboration is critical to the success of Phlow’s mission. We celebrate our colleagues diverse backgrounds and expertise, and equally value each person’s unique perspective.


Innovation through imagination, creativity, and curiosity is fundamental to Phlow’s success. We provide advanced end-to-end solutions through bold ‘thought leadership’ and excellence in execution.

Lifelong Learning

Lifelong Learning is vital to our personal and professional growth. We are committed to investing in each other and our partners for the health of our organizations and ourselves.

Servant Leadership

Servant Leadership can be found at the intersection of confidence and humility. With a grateful heart and generous spirit, we serve patients and share successes with our colleagues, partners, communities, country, and humankind.

Board of Directors

Eric Edwards, M.D., Ph.D.

Co-Founder & CEO

Dr. Frank Gupton, Ph.D.

Co-Founder, Phlow™ and CEO, Medicines for All

Martin Van Trieste

Strategic Advisor and Member of the Board

Marshall L. Summar, M.D.

Strategic Advisor and Member of the Board

Rosemary Gibson

Strategic Advisor and Member of the Board

Thomas O’Malley

Strategic Advisor and Member of the Board

Executive Leadership

Our team has unmatched experience in research, development, and commercialization of API, pharmaceuticals, and medical device products. In addition to having a deep understanding of the challenges associated with building complex products using new technology and advanced manufacturing facilities, we also recognize that quality, efficiency, and affordability of medicines is paramount to a stable health care system.

Eric Edwards, M.D., Ph.D.

Co-Founder & CEO

Elizabeth Whalley Buono, J.D.

Chief Legal and Compliance Officer

Robby Demeria

Chief of Staff

Dan Hackman

Chief Business Officer

Dave Levin, MD

Chief Medical and Information Officer

Dave Ryan

Chief Financial Officer

Senior Leadership

Our senior leadership team guides with deep experience through an ever-changing essential medicines landscape.

Deborah Betz

EVP of Communications & Public Relations

Andrew Carpenter

EVP of Manufacturing, Science, & Technology

Valerie Jewett

Vice President of Government Relations

Wayne Motsek

EVP of Quality

Modestus Obochi


Christopher Rogers


Juan Piacquadio


Bill Seaton

EVP of Operations and Engineering

Patricia Watson

EVP of Regulatory Affairs

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We seek to connect with others who believe in securing the health of our nation. Please reach out with questions or inquiries.