Built for Supply Chain Resiliency and Reliability.

Phlow’s U.S.-based manufacturing infrastructure aims to address the structural vulnerabilities in international supply chains and safeguard America’s economic and national security.

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Phlow's Research & Development Laboratory

Phlow Corporate Headquarters

Petersburg Campus
Kilo-Scale cGMP Facility

Metric Ton-Scale cGMP Facility

Phlow’s Advanced Manufacturing Facilities.

Phlowʼs state-of-the-art manufacturing infrastructure, located in the United States, is strategically designed to support small molecule Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) manufacturing scale-up for small and large clinical and commercial volumes.

Phlow’s Research & Development Laboratory.

Phlow’s state-of-the-art R&D lab, co-located with the U.S. Pharmacopoeia, is located at the Advanced Pharmaceutical Development Center at Virginia Biotechnology Research Park in Richmond, Virginia.

The APDC offers R&D services for small molecule Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and Key Starting Materials (KSMs) that leverage advanced manufacturing technologies using the latest process and analytical equipment. Here we focus on initial route scouting and process development, coupled with USP’s industry leading analytical capabilities.

Located in Richmond, VA

Located in Petersburg, VA

Kilo-Scale cGMP Facility.

Phlow’s Kilo-Scale cGMP Facility is an advanced manufacturing facility capable of both batch and continuous processes for producing up to 500 kg of API annually. It features highly automated custom-built skids, 100 L reactors spread across two cGMP suites, and additional non-cGMP and R&D lab space with 12 fume hoods, analytical & R&D support, and an automation lab.

Metric Ton-Scale cGMP Facility.

Phlow’s Metric Ton-Scale cGMP Facility can produce 60 metric tons of API annually, through continuous and batch mode production. This large-scale, advanced manufacturing facility is equipped with multiple production lines and dedicated drying suites.

Located in Petersburg, VA

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