Our Impact

Belief In Benefiting The Public.

A Public Benefit Corporation is a company designed to create public good while operating in a sustainable and responsible manner. For Phlow, the public good we are creating is measured by our ability to improve access and availability of domestically produced, high-quality pharmaceuticals and active pharmaceutical ingredients through advanced manufacturing and environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes.

As one of America’s only pharmaceutical manufacturing public benefit corporations, we are committed to serving as a force for good for all stakeholders, including our employees, the communities we serve, and the environment. Ultimately, Phlow is driven by purpose, committed to country, and focused on impacting the health of all. 

Together, We Make Life-Saving Medicines Available and Affordable.


Our partnership with the U.S. Government enabled Phlow to deliver over two million doses of essential generic medicines used to treat COVID-19 patients to the U.S. Strategic National Stockpile, including medicines used for sedation to help patients requiring ventilator support, medicines for pain management, and certain essential antibiotics.

Children’s Hospital Coalition

Phlow commits to ensuring access to medicines for the Children’s Hospital Coalition, an unprecedented coalition of best-in-class children’s hospitals that aims to ensure the reliable and affordable supply of high-quality essential medicines and help prevent pediatric drug shortages.

We Are Advancing Green Chemistry.

Phlow’s advancement of green processes such as continuous manufacturing has the potential to significantly reduce the environmental impact of Phlow and the larger pharmaceutical industry. We strive daily to be good environmental stewards by considering and reducing our impact on the planet.

Turning The Pharma Industry Green

Phlow carefully examines all other aspects of its environmental footprint – from the construction of our facilities to the day-to-day operations of our sites. We track and monitor water and energy use along with waste and GHG emissions. At every opportunity, we deploy advanced learning practices in continuous manufacturing to decrease Process Mass Intensity (PMI)2 and improve solvent recovery and reuse. Our goal is to never stop finding new ways to conserve resources, engaging in reduction efforts, and pushing the industry toward a sustainable future.

Building Healthy, Thriving Communities.

Happy, healthy, and thriving communities are a result of ongoing collaboration. At Phlow, we believe that our processes, our people, our products, and our partnerships all begin with ongoing dialogue and an openness to lifelong learning. Part of this commitment comes in the form of meaningful volunteerism and philanthropic partnerships in the communities where we operate. But it doesn’t stop there. We are also committed to paying our employees a competitive living wage, tying a portion of employee and executive leadership annual bonus objectives to company sustainability and ESG performance, regularly surveying employees on ways to improve sustainability and employee engagement, and supporting other organizations working to increase access to essential medicines.

An Ethical Approach to Pharmaceutical Manufacturing.

Phlow is proud to serve as a force for good for all stakeholders, including our employees, the community, and the environment. Together, we believe that we can improve access and availability of domestically produced, high-quality, and low-cost pharmaceuticals and APIs through advanced manufacturing and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes whenever possible.

Our Public Benefit Commitment

As a Public Benefit Corporation, Phlow is focused on a triple bottom line of environmental, social, and financial performance. Our organization is on a clear mission to reliably supply affordable, high-quality medicines that are life-changing. We do this while also focusing on supporting thriving communities, demonstrating environmental stewardship, and leading with integrity at all times.