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Observance Day Overview

September 8th has been identified as a national observance day to bring awareness to Americans of the need for reliable access to critical essential medicines. No American should ever be without the critical essential medicines necessary to sustain life and conquer disease.

Shortages of Key Drugs for Children Spur New Hospital Coalition

Source: Bloomberg In Washington, just four miles from the U.S. Capitol, a children’s hospital is forced at times to call up nearby medical centers to see if they can spare the therapies needed for its young cancer patients. In Chicago, a drug called epinephrine, which...

U.S. Dependence on Pharmaceutical Products from China

Last month, the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission held a hearing on the United States’ growing reliance on China’s pharmaceutical products. The topic reminded me of a spirited discussion described in Bob Woodward’s book, Fear: Trump in the White House.

Pentagon Sees Security Threat in China’s Drug-supply Dominance

China has become the world’s largest supplier of active pharmaceutical ingredients, or API, providing key components to drugmakers worldwide. But a yearlong recall of tainted heart drugs taken by millions of Americans is prompting U.S. national security officials to ask whether China’s growing role in the pharmaceutical supply chain could pose a threat to the health of military personnel.

At $2 Million, New Novartis Drug Is Priciest Ever

The world’s most expensive medicine is about to hit the market. A one-time treatment for a devastating infant muscle-wasting disease won approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration Friday. Its maker Novartis AG NVS +3.83% says the gene therapy will cost $2.125 million.

China’s Lock on Drugs

The key ingredients for so many essential drugs, from antibiotics and birth control pills to treatments for cancer, depression, high cholesterol and HIV/AIDS, are purchased from China, says Rosemary Gibson, co-author with Janardan Prasad Singh of a new book called “ChinaRx: Exposing the Risks of America’s Dependence on China for Medicine.”