Phlow Corp. Appoints General Gustave F. Perna to the Phlow Business Advisory Board

May 6, 2024 | 2024, Press Releases

Richmond, VA., May 6, 2024 – Phlow Corp., a U.S.-based certified B Corporation leveraging advanced development and manufacturing processes to re-imagine the domestic production of pharmaceutical products critical to U.S. healthcare, announced today that it has appointed General Gustave F. Perna to the Phlow Business Advisory Board (PBAB). As America’s modern medicine manufacturer, Phlow works closely with its business advisory board, a team made up of internationally recognized leaders and visionaries, to drive a strategy focused on stabilizing our supply chain and ending chronic shortages of essential medicines and medical countermeasures for Americans. 

“We are thrilled to have General Perna serve on our advisory board as we work together to secure America’s pharmaceutical sovereignty, including reducing the overreliance on foreign supply chains for critical essential medicines and medical countermeasures our warfighters and military hospitals depend upon to sustain life and operate effectively,” said Eric Edwards, M.D., Ph.D., co-founder and CEO of Phlow. 

General Perna honorably served in the United States Army for over 40 years, retiring as a Four-Star General in 2021, having last served as chief operating officer for Operation Warp Speed, where he led the United States national effort to research, develop, produce, distribute, and administer vaccines and therapeutics to combat COVID-19. Additionally, General Perna served as the Commander of the U.S. Army Materiel Command. As the Department of Defense’s second largest organization, with units comprised of over 190,000 soldiers, General Perna provided oversight for the Army’s readiness, training, execution, munitions supply chain, and contracting operations, as well as commanded the Joint Munitions Command, leading the efficient and effective procurement of essential items for the entire Department of Defense.

“As someone who has seen first-hand the challenges that COVID-19 exposed in our Nation’s pharmaceutical supply chain, I am thrilled to join Phlow’s Business Advisory Board. Together, we can work towards creating high-quality medicines domestically and building a resilient supply chain in the United States. This will not only strengthen our national defense but will also make a positive impact on our country’s healthcare system,” said General Gustave F. Perna.

General Perna has proven strengths in executive leadership, strategy, supply chain, logistics, and talent development in global, rapidly paced, and forward-thinking organizations. He utilized Defense Production Act authority on over 19 contracts to energize the biopharmaceutical industrial base through analysis of production, labor, and supply chain management. His relentless dedication to the cause helped deliver over 400M doses of vaccines to the American people in thirteen months and secure production for over 1.6B doses of vaccines and therapeutics. He also serves as a director on the boards of Allison Transmission, MD Helicopters, 280 Earth, Paradigm Health, and Corvias. Within these roles, he sits on audit, compliance, and nominating and corporate governance committees.

“Transforming the industry requires an unflinching commitment to pushing beyond the way medicines have been made and distributed for decades. General Perna is the type of resolute leader that will help Phlow move beyond the status quo and ensure our essential medicine supply chain is resilient, secure, and stable for all Americans,” said Edwards.

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Phlow is a U.S.-based, Certified B Corporation™ leveraging advanced manufacturing processes to re-imagine the domestic production of key starting materials (KSM), active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), and finished drug products that are critical to U.S. healthcare. Focused on impact, Phlow partners with children’s hospitals, private industry, and the U.S. government to increase access to affordable, high-quality, life-changing medicines through advanced manufacturing processes that are fully integrated, comprehensive, and better for the environment. Utilizing its advanced R&D labs and best-in-class, automated API cGMP facilities ranging from kilo to metric ton scales, Phlow provides customized contract development and manufacturing services for small molecule APIs to pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Phlow measures its success by driving down costs and waste, improving quality and yield, and offering a more environmentally friendly approach to manufacturing medicines that lead to healthy and resilient communities. For more, visit

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