Phlow Pricing Policy

Guiding Principles

Phlow’s mission is to reliably supply affordable, high-quality, essential medicines through U.S.-based advanced manufacturing processes and innovation. Our business practices, including our pricing policy, are aligned with our mission and our guiding principles of providing accessibility, transparency, and value in association with the products and services we bring to market.

  • We are committed to providing accessibility on a long-term basis by pricing our products in a consistent, affordable, fair manner based on our value and innovation
  • We provide our customers with open insight and transparency into how our prices are determined and how they are maintained on an ongoing basis
  • Our pricing practices are designed to offer the lowest, sustainable market price while ensuring product supply and price predictability. We provide long-term value and reliability for the caregivers and patients we serve
  • As we adhere to our guiding principles of accessibility, transparency and value, we believe that our organization and our shareholders will achieve a fair profit across our portfolio of products and businesses
  • We are a public benefit corporation which answers to a “triple bottom line”. We balance social responsibility, environmental sustainability and financial performance throughout our decision-making and go-to market decisions

Management Process

Phlow’s Pricing Committee reviews and approves all market pricing and consists of a Phlow cross-functional team as well as Phlow’s Corporate Social Responsibility Representative. Within the Pricing Committee, decision making aligns with the RAPID decision-making process and roles are outlined as follows:

  • Recommend: EVP, Commercial Initiatives
  • Agree: Chief Operating Officer; Chief Financial Officer
  • Perform: EVP, Commercial Initiatives
  • Input: EVP, Strategy and Business Development; Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Representative
  • Decide: Chief Business Officer

Last Updated: November 1, 2021