Thomas O’Malley

Strategic Advisor and Member of the Board

Thomas O’Malley is the founding partner of PilotRock Investments,LLC. PilotRock Investments is the primary investment vehicle for the O’Malley family and related entities. He is also the chairman & CEO of PilotRock Development GmbH & Co. KG, a real estate development company based in Grünwald, Germany. The company develops and manages residential and commercial real estate holdings primarily in Munich and Berlin. Prior to that, Mr. O’Malley was a founding partner of PilotRock Investment Partners GP, LLC,a US long/short value hedge fund in Greenwich, CT.Mr. O’Malley started his career in finance at Furman Selz LLC, a diversified investment bank. Mr. O’Malley currently chairs the board of the Brunswick School in Greenwich, CT. He also serves on the Board of Regents at Boston College. Mr. O’Malley graduated with a BA in economics from Boston College.